We are a leading market maker

It's all in the what and how that matters.

What does it take to redefine trading? We take collective action and foster a trading environment centered around team triumphs.

Not your typical trading environment

What makes us stand out is our culture of openness, community, enjoyment, and boundary-free entrepreneurship.

WEBB people are dedicated and willing to share opportunities to get the most out of every exchange. We give everyone at WEBB autonomy and trust to forge their own path while championing the importance of constructive collaboration and transparency. There’s no one way to trade, and we constantly collaborate across teams and disciplines to unlock new ways to advance.

To enable our trading environment to reach new heights, we encourage everyone across all disciplines in our company to offer their input and make their contribution. Our culture fosters the ability to challenge each other to keep performing better as a team and as individuals. One person can make a market, but a community can move it. Are you ready to move markets with us?

To say opportunity is everything is only acknowledging half the story. We’re powered by a proactive and passionate community that never stops growing.


European offices

We have offices in two major commercial hubs, putting us at the center of the action.


Nationalities represented

We strive to build a global community to excel in the global marketplace.


Financial instruments

We act as a market maker in over a million financial instruments.

Serving a global financial system

We are a proprietary trading company and market maker.

We act as a market maker and we use our own capital to trade on global stock and derivatives exchanges. By leveraging a large network of interdealer brokers and the latest advancements in electronic trading technology, we add liquidity to the financial markets by means of skillfully structured trades in cash equity, derivatives and FX. We strive to always improve so it is our great ambition to grow WEBB into a global leader in arbitrage and liquidity.

Who we are

Where it all started.

WEBB Traders was founded in 2009 in Amsterdam by Marco van den Berg and Thijs Booij, beginning as a cash arbitrage trading house. WEBB then expanded its scope to include other asset classes such as derivatives, and a range of in-house trading strategies. In time, in becoming a member of all major EU exchanges - plus a significant footprint in the US and access to the derivatives market in Brazil - WEBB Traders has emerged as an influential player in the industry. WEBB Traders is headquartered in Amsterdam, with an office in Paris; regulated by the Dutch supervisors AFM and DNB.