WEBB Talent

It's more than just a job.

A career at WEBB is more than a job: it's being part of a dedicated community of bright and curious individuals who rise to challenges and strive for excellence. Think trading is all work and no play? Not a chance! We have weekly get-togethers, team events and yearly trips.

Looking to unleash your talent?

WEBB is continually growing and expanding into new markets. To keep up with this growth we are on the lookout for talented traders, researchers, engineers and other experts to come join us. We realise that our strength is in our people so we give them the freedom to be who they are and empower them to be the best that they can be, both personally and professionally. Our company size allows us to have a flat hierarchy and transparency, where trust can thrive. So if you are driven, a team player, love a good challenge, and you want the opportunity to learn (a lot!) then we welcome you to apply for one of our openings.

"What attracted me to WEBB was how ambitious it was and the fact that it’s growing, and I am more than happy with my choice now. I have the chance to work closely with bright people from whom I learn a lot every day, which is essential in this competitive and ever-changing environment. WEBB also very quickly gave me a lot of responsibility and encouraged me to make my own decisions. Apart from the professional side, I really appreciate the atmosphere at WEBB, where everyone feels cohesion and cooperation immediately. The WEBB experience is very rewarding, both personally and professionally, and I am excited to see what the future holds."
"When I started at WEBB as a junior software engineer, I was impressed by the warmth of all the people. I wanted to work in a friendly atmosphere and that made it easy to choose WEBB. People here are actually curious and care what you have to say. Trading is always presented as a high-pressure environment, and fortunately, I don’t feel that here. We all work together and everyone is always ready to help or guide me. Because of that, I feel that I’m growing really quickly. This structure works better than you’d expect it to."
"At WEBB, we cooperate and work towards a common goal. This gives me the drive to give my best every day. Here we focus on responsibility, ownership, and independence, which aligns with my values and allows me to learn and grow. Working closely with financial markets brings interesting challenges and makes your own impact very tangible. A unique perk of working here is that there’s always room for discussions and you never get overruled simply because of arbitrary, authoritative reasons. I can share with my colleagues every step of the way and they can directly indicate what they do and do not like. This makes my job interesting and rewarding."
"Working for WEBB, you get a lot of freedom and responsibility. It’s an organization that stimulates both professional and personal growth. Everyone is very ambitious, and supportive, and it feels like one big family. The company is very diverse and you get to interact with colleagues from many different places and backgrounds, which is very enriching. It also makes people feel welcome and more easily at home. Because of that, after a hard day of work, people don’t rush out of the office, especially on Fridays. There’s also the yearly weekend trip, which is definitely the cherry on top."
"When I look back and consider my journey with WEBB, I certainly could not have guessed what would happen when I started. The company’s entrepreneurial character promotes growth and I’ve felt nothing but support over the course of my professional journey. This support has given me the motivation to always go the extra mile. I couldn’t have achieved what I have so far without being surrounded by competitive and hardworking people who still challenge me to be better every day. I’m eager to see what the future holds for WEBB."
Julien, Trader
Elena, Junior Software Engineer
Twan, Software Engineer
Mandy, HR Advisor
Kubilay, Senior Trader